Conpedi 2015

In spring 2015, the University of Baltimore Center for International and Comparative Law hosted the Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Direito (CONPEDI). This group of Brazilian scholars discussed “The International Protection of Human Rights as seen from Brazil and the U.S.A.” With the help of Professor Marcelo Galuppo and Professor Mortimer Sellers, the Journal coordinated with many of the Brazilian scholars to publish their works.   The superior works published here reflect the Journal’s ongoing expansion and increasing ability to bridge together the global community.

Maria Cristina Zainaghi & Alexandre Luna da Cunha: The Principle Of Reasonable Time In Brazil, In Spain And In United States Of America

Bruno Valverde Chahaira & Valmir César Pozzetti: The Genetically Modified Foods (Gm Foods) And The Fundamental Right To Health – Comparative Study: Brazil And The United States Of America

Antonio Carlos Efing & Silvio Alexandre Fazolli: Digital And Virtual Identity Of Consumer: A New Human Right?

Heron José De Santana Gordilho: Recent Reform On Environmental Criminal Law In Brazil

Tarin Cristino Frota Mont’alverne & Ana Carolina Barbosa: Protection And Promotion Of Dignity Of Environmental Migrants In Brazil And In The United States Of America

Eneida Orbage De Britto Taquary E José Rossini Campos Do Couto Corrêa: The Influence Of Marbury V. Madison’s Case Decision On The Construction Of Jurisdiction Constitutional

Claudia Ribeiro Pereira Nunes: Have Been Guaranteed The Human Right To Adequate Food In The Brazilian Legal Amazon Region?

Elcio Nacur Rezende & Franclim Jorge Sobral de Brito: Universality, Indivisibility And Interdependence Of Human Rights: The Role Of Brazil And The United States Of America In Face Of Social Environmentalism

Brunela Vieira de Vincenzi: Axel Honneth’s Recognition Theory And The Brazilian Judicial System

Mateus Eduardo Siqueira Nunes Bertoncini: Citizenship, Equality And Democracy As Property Protected By Legal Category Of Acts Of Administrative Electoral Misconduct

Márcio Luis De Oliveira & Maraluce Maria Custódio: The Amazon: A Communal Asset

Rogério Luiz Nery Da Silva & Robison Tramontina: The State Protection To The Right To Education As A Framework For Human Dignity

Camila Barreto Pinto Silva & Samantha Ribeiro Meyer-Pflug: The Inter-American System For The Protection Of Human Rights And The Case Damião Ximenes Lopes

Antônio Carlos Diniz Murta & Maria Tereza Fonseca Dias: Urbanization And Fundamental Right To Adequate Housing In Brazil

Cícero Krupp Da Luz & Rafael Lazzarotto Simioni: Democracy And Regional Parliaments: A Two Level Game Analysis Of Foreign Policy Making

Luciana Costa Poli & Bruno Ferraz Hazan: Searching For The Effective Protection Of The Family: Critical Assessment Of The Position Of The Brazilian Superior Court Of Justice